Estonian Free Party Manifesto

Accepted at the Free Party’s Assembly on 10 October 2015


The Free Party sees Estonia as a progressive, free and caring European country. We are ready and full of good intentions to work and co-operate in the name of tomorrow.

Estonia needs a new impulse for development. We must create the premises and conditions for the new generation of Estonia. Change is essential for this purpose. The well-being of Estonian people must be a benchmark for political decisions.

The Free Party is the progressive national party of the XXI century.


where everyone can apply their abilities and have the chance for a decent life;
where every person is guaranteed freedom, dignity and the right of participation;
where education is valued and the Estonian language and culture are developed;
where different communities make decisions about their own prosperity;
where the state trusts its citizen, doesn’t limit their life or intervene unnecessarily;
where the state is safe and the safety of everyone is guaranteed;
where entrepreneurship and innovation are in honour and supported by the state;
where the weak are helped in a way that lets them take care of themselves;
where rural life is sustained and developed;
where there are no violent conflicts, the civil society is strong and there is trust;
where children are expected and their childhood is protected and happy;
where the state is managed and social components are regulated considerately and cost-effectively.


The decision makers in their home region are the people who live there. Rural life is the guarantee of our autonomy. Local governments need more rights and means, but most of all, more democratic leadership. We consider smaller village movements and associations and all voluntary movements of people in the name of mutual benefit as communities. We value citizen movements and encourage Estonian people to find solutions and decide on their own future. Estonia cannot be an over-centralized state.


We want the economic and tax politics to be based on the needs of the people and to support the creation of new values. We will create an environment where entrepreneurs are not harassed by excessive control, unnecessary bureaucracy, overly large taxes and can easily create new jobs. We believe in entrepreneurship and creativity!  

We value social responsibility, equal opportunities, and rights. Tax collection must be fair for both the receivers of benefits and creators of values. The tax system must support the development of the economy, not stop it. The key for the future is a knowledge-centered society based on smart decisions.


The freedom of an individual is sacred but we all must contribute to society and be a good companion. Excessive regulations by the state, punishments and limitations hinder the development of society. Harassing and unnecessary legislative regulations must be annulled. The principle of legislation shall be that where trust works, there is no need for regulations. Members of the society must be able to contribute in the decision-making process. Assemblies elected directly by the people are the most important creators of policies. Initiatives on the grass-roots level are welcome and taken into consideration. 


We need a decisive foreign and defence policy and believe in Estonia’s ability to contribute to foreign affairs. We must increase our ability to defend against possible foreign threats and do everything to keep our alliances. Estonia is a part of Europe and the family of free world nations. Our constitution reflects the values of our nation – a democratic republic, based on freedom and justice, founded to sustain and develop the Estonian people, culture, and language. We are a nation state. Modern Estonia is primarily the spirit that connects us. It is creative, connecting past experience and the future, different nationalities. Our respect for human dignity and freedom decides our foreign policy goals and actions.   


The development of Estonian statehood requires internal stability and the substantive implementation of constitutional goals. Actions of the state must be transparent, favourable and helpful for the citizens. Only then can a citizen believe in the state and protect, co-operate and respect it. We see the Estonian public service as a professional, corruption free team that serves its people with the purpose of making the state of Estonia work in the best way possible.  





The Statute of the Estonian Free Party

The Programme of the Estonian Free Party: We Return the Power to Our People